Our Oscan Technology

Oscan Omr Software O-scan Omr Software a complete solution for result processing for multiple choice exams, O-scan reads any kind of OMR sheets used in Competitive Exams, Surveys, Admissions & Registrations, Olympiads and Assessments, Elections, Feedback Forms, Inventory, Talent Search, Scientific Surveys, Government Recruitment, Campus Recruitment, Assessments, Employee Promotions & Attendance.

O-scan Omr software is world’s fastest OMR Evaluation Software, is developed by R&D team of Iitan’s of Multigraphics, compatible with any normal ADF scanner to assess accurate result. O-scan trusted for 100% accuracy level, silent features of O-scan makes software unique and superior from other OMR software’

An advance version of O-scan helps to read the data of even partially damaged sheet, O-scan has so much added features & advantages on the present Omr Technology,.it is proven fact that O-scan is first of its kind software in India.