OMR Software is generally utilized by educational institutions and corporate sector for conducting OMR based tests, assessments, feedbacks, enquiries, employee engagement programmes etc. so as to get speedy and precise test outcomes. OMR software is helpful that can be utilized for gathering information.


OSCAN is a highly accurate OMR software with inbuilt design provision ideal for evaluating objective-based offline exams. It automates the process of admit card generation, designing of OMR sheets, scanning of answers sheets and result generation which is built by highly qualified IIT alumni and professionals.


There are many features of our OSCAN OMR Software like: The first and foremost is Unlimited Number of Templates with our OMR Software. There are n number of impressive templates that help you create your customized OMR sheets with desired parameters. Our second feature is concerned with the OMR Reading Process. Our OSCAN OMR Software is very useful in many ways like reading and scanning OMR sheets with a lot of ease and additionally, it can read torn and damaged sheets. The third feature refers to the Tick Mark Technology. Our software is the first with this type of technology. It helps evaluate sheets even with tick marks and crosses thus leading to transparency in checking and avoiding discrepancy

Our fourth feature refers to a Predefined Merging of Data with Result which ensures utmost security of the results and data thus avoiding loss of the same as there is a high risk of confidentiality. Our OSCAN OMR Software generates results in an Excel file format and offers smooth merging of the data. Last but not the least, our fifth feature is concerned with Unique Validations which is an in-built feature. It means the validation of digits and roll numbers. This promotes higher transparency in checking and thus, easing your job!


  • Reliable
  • Time efficient
  • Highly accurate
  • Column validation
  • Data validation
  • Use any ADF scanner


Precise and fast

High speed reading

Easy to operate

Result in multiple formats

Ability to process torn or damaged sheets

Captures the images of bar code, litho code, photo and signature