Similar to the real-world classroom, live class is a comprehensive interaction between a teacher and the students. Live class software applications often put multiple synchronous technologies to use and thus, the teacher and the students have to log into the virtual learning environment at the same time. There are a variety of applications like web conferencing, video conferencing, live streaming, etc., which provides a chance to students located in remote areas to collaborate in real-time.


There are many features of Live Class like: The first and foremost feature is providing a Two-Way Communication between the instructor and the students which helps them both in their respective ways. This helps the instructors to know their students and their capabilities better and it helps the students in asking doubts, learning various concepts and grow their knowledge base. This promotes transparency in the education process. The next feature refers to Multiple Hosts. Through our live class platform, multiple hosts can participate in the teaching process at the same time which helps to make the learning process more efficient and helpful for both instructors and students

The third feature refers to Screen Sharing which enables students to share any document like PDF files, word documents, etc. with anyone, as per their wish along with an ongoing live class session. This enhances the credibility of students in our live classes. Last but not the least, our live classes offer a Chat Window system which is an add on feature. This feature allows students to interact with the instructors through a chat box which helps them in clearing their doubts, involve themselves in discussions, ask questions, learn about a particular concept and so forth.


  • Live Doubt Sessions
  • Cost Effective Comparatively
  • Friendliest User Interface
  • Training and Support
  • Recorded Lectures


  • Asynchronous Communication Tool
  • Reliable and Efficient
  • Allows One to Many Interaction
  • Reduces Training and Maintenance Cost
  • Transforms Learning Approach