Edinso Learning Management System

  • Course Management
  • Discussion forum
  • Student Management
  • Live Classes
  • Home Assignment
  • Sell Course Online
  • Notes Sharing
  • Exam Management
  • Manage your institution 25+ The Most Efficient & YEARS
  • User-Frendly LMS Portal!

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Edinso LMS Software

Easy To Learn, Easy To Use, Any Location In the World On Any Device

A Learning Management System is an E-Learning Management System software which is used to deliver content from Teachers, Professors & Trainers to the learners. We use technology so that students can get digital education anytime, anywhere, any place in the world. EDINSO Learning Management System for online teaching helps to deliver and manage educational content and thus, monitor performance for better insights. It also helps the organizations to meet unique training processes and workflows. Our software helps to create electronic coursework and deliver it with unprecedented flexibility.We tend to automate these manual processes by giving a structure to an unstructured segment and trying to connect the student, the tutor & the institution anytime, anywhere, anyplace!

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LMS For Corporate Training

Organizations invest Crores of Rupees in Training & Development, thus time & energy. Multigraphics Group Transforms Old & Traditional Learning, Training & Development, Exam & Assessment into the Online & Mobile App. Based Solution for Online E-Learning, Online Training & Development, Online Exam & Assessment. Savers Crores of Rupees, time & energy.

Corporate utilizes the Learning Management System for the following Trainings as-

  • Sales & Marketing Trainings
  • Service & Spare Parts Trainings
  • Product Trainings
  • Manufacturing Process Trainings
  • Quality Trainings
  • Employee Assessment Trainings

LMS Software For Institution

Multigraphics Group Transforms Old & Traditional Learning, Education, Exam & Assessment into the Online & Mobile App. Based Solution for Online E-Learning, Education, Online Exam & Assessment, education & E-Learning LMS is used internationally for Education, Education & Assessment. Savers Crores of Rupees, time & energy.

Education Industry utilizes the Education & E-Learning Learning Management System for the following as-

  • Universities
  • Colleges
  • Schools
  • Institutions
  • Entrance Exams
  • Government Recruitments


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Edinso Makes the World’s Best eLearning Software

Multigraphics Group transformed Traditional Learning into E-learning means Learning Anytime, Anywhere, Any Location in the world, which is the simple, user-friendly, economically viable, two-way communication mobile application-based solution. Multigraphics focuses on creating compelling and engaging digital content for the Education and technology sectors with e-learning solutions and technology platforms being the core.

We have been serving the society for more than 25 years with more than 2000+ clients worldwide in the Educational Segment, Corporate Houses, MNCs, Business Hubs, Government Institutions, and Industries for which we have built technologies and customized software to achieve growth and scalability :

  • White Labelled
  • Customizable
  • Personalised Login
  • Bulk Upload Content
  • Ecommerce Enabled
  • Live Classes & Assessment


To ensure a user-friendly experience, our Software allows you to create interactive courses, providing computerized study material, conducting a virtual classroom, offering recorded lectures, conducting branding activities for the same and so on instantly, without any tech hazards. Course creation is made very easy by EDINSO LMS Software as you have to follow a 3-step process of Create, Upload and Sell!


Our EDINSO LMS Solution has an integrated software of EDINSO Live classes which helps to conduct a virtual classroom. You can train students, employees and other participants on this portal. Thus, virtual classroom and LMS systems for schools are interrelated as along with course creation and selling, it enables you to deliver lectures on the online platform. Further more, our LMS portal offers a detailed assessment of the performance thus guiding the area of weakness of the candidate so that he can improve on those topics, subject etc. Our Learning management system for education & corporate training is implemented & appreciated, by schools, colleges, institutions, corporates and business houses.



In order to calculate the ROI, you need proper analytics and reports which are offered by EDINSO Learning management system for corporate training through an engaging dashboard that records all the data related to the virtual classes, user and learner performance, leads, and revenue in case of corporates and so on. Since you can also create and sell courses, this dashboard records, and analyses the sales and revenue through graphs and charts. Our LMS for corporate training is implemented & appreciated, by institutions, corporates, and business houses.


Website is often considered to be brief about a company and its products. EDINSO LMS for online coaching is a unique Software which assists you to create and manage your business website for various purposes like creating, managing and selling courses online, maintaining proper records and analytics of data, integration of your payment gateway, revenue tracking for measuring your ROI, discounts & coupons and additionally, managing your leads. Our Learning management Software for education & corporate training is implemented & appreciated, by schools, colleges, institutions, corporates and business houses.



EDINSO LMS is an end-to-end solution to create, manage and sell courses online and conduct virtual classes. We make transactions easy for our customers with instant payments, quick setup & smooth navigation, safe and secure transactions in the payment portal. We have tie-ups with top payment gateways i.e., Paytm, PayPal, Zoom Integration, PayU Money, and Fresh desk Integration to ensure hassle-free and smooth payment modes.


We use technology so that learners and employees can get training anytime and anywhere in the world. Today’s employees and staff expect information to be available anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Our software is easily accessible as MG EDINSO can be added as a mobile app, on a laptop, desktop, or tablet.



TThe user can track course assignments and completion to know which courses their employees take most often and which courses need improvements based on the feedback of their effectiveness.

Benefits of Learning Management System(LMS)

  • Save Your Time & Energy
  • Ogranizes Your Content In One Location
  • Discussion Forums
  • Moniter Performance & Progress
  • Reduce Your Cost
  • 24*7 Access Content
  • Automate & Simplify Your Business
  • Multiple Integration
  • Up-to-Date on Regular Basis
  • Visual Dashboard
  • Create Reports
  • Exam & Assessment

Uses of Learning Management System Software

  • College & Universities
  • Coaching & Institution
  • Corporate Training
  • Self Learner
  • Enterprise Training
  • Non-profit Sector
  • Human Resources
  • Compliance


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