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An OMR Sheet (Optical Mark Recognition) is a pre-printed paper document with all security highlights to stop manipulations and make the test straightforward, which has a remarkable structure, used to gather human-checked data with air pockets.Aside from filling these air pockets in an optical answer sheet, each question is answered by their respective bubbles which should be stamped cautiously as students' answers are carefully recorded utilizing OSCAN OMR Software.Multigraphics Group is a Renowned and Leading maker and printer in the field of OMR Sheet Printing & Scanning as we comprehend the necessities and prerequisites of our clients and print the best OMR sheets like no other.

We offer a wide variety of OMR sheets for our clients to look over like Single OMR Sheets, Carbon-Less Duplex and Triplicate OMR Sheets, Optical Sheets with Answer Booklet, Folded OMR Sheets, Sheets with Variable Data Printing, OMR Sheets with Admit Card and even those which are imprinted on the two sides.

Our OMR sheets are flexible as they can be utilized for different purposes like Entrance tests, Competitive tests like IIT JEE and NEET, Recruitment tests for IAS, Judiciary tests, SSC, Railways, Defence, Armed Forces, Police, Banks, Central and State Government tests and so forth., Exams in Educational foundations, Employee Appraisals, Surveys like Statistical, Marketing or Political, Market research, Elections, Attendance, and so forth.

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  • Highly Secure
  • Highly Accurate
  • Best Quality
  • Wide Variety of OMR Sheets
  • Create Your Own Design
  • Modern High-Profile Plant with Machinery Machines
  • Printed under the Surveillance of CCTV Camera with Video Recording
  • Pre-Quality Check of Each OMR Sheet to Ensure 100 % Accuracy
  • Print Any Size of Optical Answer Sheets
  • End-to-End Exam Solution


  • Tick-Mark Technology
  • Design Your Own Customized OMR Sheet
  • Modern Machinery
  • High-Speed Scanning Fast Printing
  • Security Features and Cost Effective
  • Analytical Graphical Report
  • Highly Accurate


We provide OMR as an end-to-end solution. From Printing to Scanning, Secure Printing to OSCAN OMR Software. We believe in Automating the Education process in the best possible way.

  • The result generation process will be simplified.
  • We have even offered this solution to the Indian naval academy. Their result mark sheet is prepared by MG OMR!
  • No manual checking is required. Thus, it helps you streamline your efforts in other directions as well.
  • This resulted generated is 100% accurate.
  • There is transparency in the complete result generation process.


  • Highly Secure
  • OMR Software
  • OMR Printing
  • OMR Scanning
  • Secure Printing
  • Government Recruitment
  • eBooks

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