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About us Leading the Way in OMR Solutions for Over Two Decades

Welcome to our OMR Solutions, where expertise meets innovation for your exam needs. With a legacy of over two decades, we specialize in OMR technology tailored for exam conductors. From advanced OMR software to high-speed scanners and precision-engineered sheets, our solutions are designed with your diverse exam requirements in mind. As a leading OMR solution provider, our commitment to excellence ensures seamless exam processes. Explore our journey to understand why we excel in delivering innovative technology, covering OMR software, scanners, sheets, and readers. Elevate your exam experience with our solutions – setting a new standard for precision and performance in the dynamic world of OMR technology.

OUR PRODUCTS Explore Seamless Solutions with Our OMR Products

Explore the possibilities with our comprehensive range of OMR solutions. From cutting-edge software to reliable sheets and scanners, we've got everything you need to optimize your data management process. Dive in and unlock efficiency, accuracy, and ease like never before.

key features Why We're the Top Choice for Complete OMR Solution - First in Excellence

At Multigraphics Group, we're the top choice for excellence, leading the way in innovation and quality. Choose us and experience the difference of being associated with the best in the industry. Explore our key features below to discover how we consistently exceed expectations

Unified OMR Solution

Access a consolidated platform offering OMR Software or OMR Reader, OMR Sheets, and OMR Scanner – providing a seamless integration for your examination processes.

Cost-Effective OMR Software

Benefit from highly economical OMR Software, ensuring efficient data processing without compromising on quality or functionality.

Responsive Customer Support for OMR Scanner

Enjoy dedicated and responsive customer support tailored to OMR Scanner needs, guaranteeing assistance for any queries or concerns.

Hassle-Free Exam Processing with OMR Reader

Streamline your exam procedures effortlessly with our user-friendly OMR Reader, reducing complexities and ensuring smooth assessments.

Cutting-Edge Technology in OMR Sheets

Stay ahead with our OMR Sheets incorporating cutting-edge technology, ensuring accuracy and precision in capturing responses.

Customized Solutions for OMR Scanner

Tailor our OMR Scanner solutions to meet the unique demands of your exams, offering flexibility and adaptability for various assessments.


Explore the collaboration with esteemed educational institutions like Uttaranchal University, Meri Delhi, Byju's, Vedantu, and Patham. Our partnerships extend to reputed universities such as JNU,, YMCA, Amity University, and IGNOU. We've also worked with notable organisations like Indian Navy, NCC, Government of Assam, Sikkim Public Services Commission, and UP Sarkar. Join our network of satisfied clients and enhance your assessment experience.

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