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MG Tech, a division of Multigraphics Group, specialises in providing advanced technical services. Committed to delivering top-tier solutions, Multigraphics relies on MG Tech for a diverse range of technical expertise. From developing responsive websites to implementing an innovative Learning Management System (LMS), MG Tech ensures clients receive high-quality technical support. The focus on excellence and a profound understanding of technology positions MG Tech as a reliable partner for businesses and institutions in need of robust technical services. Dive into the realm of MG Tech, where technology meets ingenuity, transforming your digital landscape.


MG Tech is a custom Software and Mobile Application Development Company providing Android and iOS app development services for SMB & corporate at competitive prices. MG Tech has various products which aim to manage the corporate system environment using IT. MG Tech Square is into digitalization of corporate environment so that it automates the online platform for you and stay ahead of your competitors in the Corporate world! Our technical team is enthusiastic to convey the most in each part of your business. More Reliability, More Responsiveness, and The Best Results!



Here at Multigraphics Group, we create Innovative, Smart, Integrated and Pocket-friendly Android & iOS applications. We completely comprehend the needs and requirements of our clients and additionally associate the same with our cutting-edge contributions of the Corporate and Learning Applications. Along with this, our Learning Applications are integrated with our EDINSO LMS (Learning Management System) which will not only optimize your working method but also give you and edge over your competitors in business!


Our LMS Integration is one-of-a-kind technological upgrade which identifies the training and learning gaps. This is done with the help of analytical information & reporting. Also, Encrypted & secure content is offered to the users. We have the latest technological advancements which enable us to offer all these features and characteristics through a Mobile Application. So, why not get the best from the best?


  • Dynamic Robust API
  • Custom Learning Path
  • Deliver Track Training
  • Save Management Time
  • Customized Reports
  • User Friendly UI
  • Simply E-Commerce Portal
  • Scalable


  • Online Training Apps
  • eBook Learning
  • Professional Educational Apps
  • E-Library App Solutions
  • Competitive Exam Apps
  • E-commerce with LMS


  • MG Tech square has various products which aim to manage your corporate system environment using IT.
  • MG Tech Square is into digitalization of the corporate environment.
  • We promote an environment-friendly approach.
  • Through MG Tech Square, we offer a complete end-to-end solution for digitalizing.
  • The organization offers multiple products of MG Tech Square which are LMS, Mobile App etc.


  • We offer RSA (ERP) as a solution which is fully automated and benefits your business with maximized ROI.
  • Transparency of data is present which avoids biasness.
  • We have dynamic SMS logs which means that MG Tech users can change the content of the SMS according to their needs.
  • Message automation is offered by us to back your marketing efforts.
  • Proper Discount coupons are generated and all the details for the same are maintained.
  • There is a fully automated record of all-round revenue generation.

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