Online Examination System is a web based system which is used to give examinations online using the internet or intranet on a computer system. Online Examination System is a scalable and cost effective way to take examination online and removing the traditional examination approach.


Online Examination is a test conducted over the web to determine the knowledge of participants on a given topic. In traditional teaching strategy, everyone had to assemble in a classroom with commonly used Pen & Paper to take the test. On the other hand, Online Examination provides students to take the exam on the online portal in their own time, with their own device, just requiring a browser and internet connection.


There are many features of EDINSO ONEX (Online Examination System) like: The first and the foremost feature is to Create Your Own Webpage i.e., you can create a webpage for your business as per your needs & wants and the desired parameters via our Online Examination Portal which facilitates e-commerce, helps to manage examinations and offers a standard registration process which, in turn, ensures proper, systematic and authentic data collection. The next important feature is Question Bank Management which assists you to create distinct question papers consisting of MCQs, subjective type questions and thus helps to easily upload and sell the same on our EDINSO ONEX Platform. A proper question paper log is maintained to avoid confusion and chaos. Our next feature is in accordance with our preceding one. It helps to offer Different Types of Tests which you can manage online in the form of a Quiz, Practice tests, Live tests, Olympiads, CBT and so forth!

Our next feature is concerned with Advanced Analytics of the performance of the candidates with the help of a highly trusted online assessment software. This feature helps to create an overall report which includes ranking, generation of results, test-wise & topic-wise reports and information related to admissionant feature is the Mobile Application which has, nowadays become an important part of any business. Our EDINSO ONEX Mobile Application consists of multiple templates which helps you create an outline of the application as per the desired parameters. Our application consists of an interactive interface which can even be inculcated in a cross-platform application s. Last but not the least, the most import

Why choose ONEX?

  • Reduces Logistics Cost
  • Automatic Result Analysis and Ranking
  • User Authentication
  • Data validation
  • Take exam anywhere, anytime


  • Reduces Examination Management Activities
  • Reduces Time and Cost
  • Provides Analytical Reports
  • Accessibility and Flexibility
  • Encrypted Secured System


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