Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is the way of catching human-marked information from secured paper documents like exams, tests, practice tests, surveys, etc. An optical answer sheet or bubble sheet is a unique type of structure utilized in multiple-choice question assessments, fill in the blanks, matrix type questions and the OSCAN OMR Software is used to detect these answers. Optical answer sheets have a lot of blank ovals or boxes that comprehend each question, frequently on separate pieces of paper i.e. OMR Sheets. Bar codes may check the sheet for automatic processing, and every arrangement of ovals filled will restore a specific value when read. Along these lines, students' answers can be digitally recorded, or an identity is given.

OSCAN is a highly accurate computerized OMR sheet reading software that makes OMR possible on a desktop or computer by utilizing an Image scanner to process surveys, tests, attendance sheets, checklists, and other paper documents imprinted by printing technology or on laser printers. OSCAN OMR Software is used to collect information from the OMR sheets, automate the process of admit card generation, designing your own OMR sheets and result generation. Meanwhile, this information collecting software revolves around numerous factors like the thickness of paper dimensions of the OMR sheet and the designing pattern. It even automates the process of admit card generation.

Here at Multigraphics, we empower Universities, Institutions, Colleges, Schools to conduct examinations in a hassle-free manner i.e., designing their own customized OMR sheets, as per their requirements and scan the same, capture this information digitally and declare results easily. Along with this, we help Corporates, Government Bodies, MNCs, Business Hubs including various other sectors like Banking, Police, Defence, Railway, etc., to scan any kind of OMR sheets filled for various purposes like surveys, entrance examinations, tests, feedbacks, corporate assessments and so forth!

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  •  OMR sheets
  •  Scan
  •  Read
  •  Analyse
  •  Result


    High Speed and Accuracy

    Cost-Effective in Nature

    Easy to Implement and Support

    Any Volume of OMR Sheets

    Easy Data Collection & Processing

    No Level of Biasness

    Compatible with Any System

    Assessments through any type of Questions

    Innovative Reporting & Analysis

    Highly Secure

    Great Investment

    Proper records of all changes


    Accurate Results

    Efficient & Affordable

    All in One Solution

    Analytical & Graphical Reports

    User-Friendly Interface

    Fast Result Generation

    Logs of Changes Made

    Proper Database of OMR Sheets Scanned

    Utmost Security

    Easy Employee Assessments

    Assignment of marks: Negative, 0 or other value

    Assessments through any type of Questions



Many Institutions and Businesses have their set parameters with respect to their OMR sheets (Optical Marker Sheet). With Multigraphics Group, you can create your own customized OMR Sheets with the "n" number of templates available for you to choose from. Post that, our OSCAN OMR Software helps you to make changes in those templates, create your own branded, white labelled impressive templates and can scan any kind of OMR sheets.


We have a unique process to scan/read the OMR sheets which simplifies the lives of our clients. Our OMR reading process involves 5 steps i.e., collect the OMR sheets from the students or employees, scan these OMR sheets with OSCAN OMR software, proper and accurate reading of the sheets is done by our sheet scanner, analyse the data collected in your desktop or laptop and declare results. Apart from this, our OMR reader has the capability to scan and read torn & damaged sheets which is a very useful feature for all the institutions and businesses.


Manier times, for the ease of the students or employees, you wish to create a type of OMR which can be filled using tick marks and crosses and not the traditional procedure of filling bubbles. OSCAN OMR Software is the first software with this technology. Our OMR sheet scanner has the capacity to evaluate sheets which have been answered using a tick mark or cross. This will not only ease the task of students or employees but also bring transparency in the scanning process for the educational institutions and corporates!


There is always a fear of data loss or theft when scanning OMR sheets for result generation. With OSCAN OMR software, you don't have to worry! Our OMR reading software is designing with utmost security algorithms which not only ensures the security of the data but also promotes smooth merging of that information with results. Our OMR software ensures the confidentiality of the results generated and you can download the same in and Excel format.


One of the most remarkable and unique features of OSCAN OMR software is its capability to validate digits, roll numbers, etc. This is an in-built feature of our OMR reading software which not only increases transparency in the checking process but also avoids any kind of mistakes. This even eliminates the traditional manual task of checking all the OMR sheets one by one in case there is any problem with respect to the information filled by the students or employees thus, easing your job!


Precise and fast

High speed reading

Easy to operate

Result in multiple formats

Ability to process torn or damaged sheets

Captures the images of bar code, litho code, photo and signature


OMR Sheets are versatile paper documents with bubbles as they can be used in many types of Examinations like:

  •  Competitive Examinations like IIT, JEE, NEET
  •  Recruitment Examinations like IAS, Railway, Defence, Police, etc
  •  Scientific, Political, Statistical and Marketing Surveys
  •  Central and State Government Recruitments
  •  Regular Semester, Half Yearly and Final Exams
  •  Registration Forms & Admit Card Generation
  •  Olympiad Examinations
  •  Entrance Examinations
  •  Talent Search Examinations
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Feedback Forms
  •  Election Forms
  •  Attendance Sheets
  •  Employee Appraisal & Assessment
  •  Any type of Analysis


  •  Use a black or blue pen or a pencil, if instructed
  •  Bubbles should not exceed the bubbles
  •  Darken the bubbles completely i.e., Do not fill the bubble half or partially
  •  Do not Fold, Scratch or Tear the OMR Sheet
  •  Keep the OMR Sheet safe, neat and clean
  •  Do not fill two answers for the same question otherwise that will attract negative marks as per exam rules
  •  Never use a whitener to rectify an error as it may disrupt the scanning and evaluation process
  •  Avoid doing any rough work on the demarcated areas on the OMR sheet


  •  Reliable
  •  Time and Cost Effective
  •  Highly Accurate Results
  •  Data Authentication
  •  Use any ADF Scanner
  •  Easy to Implement and Support
  •  Analytical & Graphical Reports
  •  Proper Database of OMR Sheets Scanned
  •  First company to develop OMR Software in India
  •  Unique Features
  •  Tested, Trusted & Reliable
  •  Crores of OMR Sheet Processed
  •  Dual Accuracy Check
  •  Highly Accurate, Efficient, Fast, No Human Error & Economical
  •  Only Software with Tick Mark Technology
  •  User friendly, Least Support Required
  •  Only Software to Integrate Pre and Post Exam
  •  Advanced Reporting
  •  Registration Form and Admit Card Generation
  •  Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blank questions and Matrix type Questions
  •  Marks assigned to individual Questions will negative, zero or of different value
  •  Can Read Damaged OMR Sheets
  •  Can Read Bar code, QR Code, Litho code, etc
  •  Capture Images Like Photo, Thumb Impression and Signature
  •  The whole process is to automate the Traditional Exam System thus, Transparent & Fast


  •  An Esteemed Clientele
  •  More than 2000+ clients worldwide
  •  500000+ users from all over the world
  •  25+ Years of Expertise in this Industry
  •  ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  •  Leaders in Software Development
  •  Reliable, Tried & Tested LMS Portal
  •  Experienced and Qualified Management
  •  Development Team consisting of Experienced IITians
  •  Dedicated Team: 24*7 Work Support
  •  Multiple Utility Technology Products by MG Group
  •  Reputed Clientele consisting of Leading Universities, Colleges, Schools, Institutes, Corporate Houses, MNCs,Government Institutions, etc.
  •  Easy Content Management & Course Creations
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