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OSCAN OMR Software

First & Best OMR Sheet Processing Software, Highly Cost Effective, Safe & Secure

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) is the way of catching human-marked information from secured paper documents like exams, tests, practice tests, surveys, etc. An optical answer sheet or bubble sheet is a unique type of structure utilized in multiple-choice question assessments, fill in the blanks, matrix type questions and the OSCAN OMR Software is used to detect these answers. Optical answer sheets have a lot of blank ovals or boxes that comprehend each question, frequently on separate pieces of paper i.e. OMR Sheets. Bar codes may check the sheet for automatic processing, and every arrangement of ovals filled will restore a specific value when read. Along these lines, students' answers can be digitally recorded, or an identity is given.

OSCAN is a highly accurate computerized OMR sheet reading software that makes OMR possible on a desktop or computer by utilizing an Image scanner to process surveys, tests, attendance sheets, checklists, and other paper documents imprinted by printing technology or on laser printers. OSCAN OMR Software is used to collect information from the OMR sheets, automate the process of admit card generation, designing your own OMR sheets and result generation. Meanwhile, this information collecting software revolves around numerous factors like the thickness of paper dimensions of the OMR sheet and the designing pattern. It even automates the process of admit card generation.

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OSCAN - India’s Best OMR Software

We empower Universities, Institutions, Colleges, Schools to conduct examinations in a hassle-free manner i.e., designing their own customized OMR sheets, as per their requirements and scan the same, capture this information digitally and declare results easily. Along with this, we help Corporates, Government Bodies, MNCs, Business Hubs including various other sectors like Banking, Police, Defence, Railway, etc., to scan any kind of OMR sheets filled for various purposes like surveys, entrance examinations, tests, feedbacks, corporate assessments and so forth!

This makes it easier for institutions, schools, colleges and universities to generate results :

  • It can process 300-500 sheets within a minute on a standard PC
  • Unique excel based & easy to use OMR Sheet
  • Multiple standard templates are available
  • Bulk Upload Content
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • High speed & Accurate OMR Sheet recognition


There are various features offered by our OSCAN OMR Software which is a one-stop solution for corporate, educational institutions and other industries such as:

Uses of OMR Software

Competitive Examinations

Recruitment Examinations

Statistical & Marketing Surveys

Government Recruitments

Regular Semester Exams

Olympiad Examinations

Entrance Examinations

Talent Search Examinations

Advantages of OSCAN OMR-Software


Many Institutions and Businesses have set parameters with respect to their OMR sheets (Optical Marker Sheet). With Multigraphics Group, you can create your own customised OMR Sheets with "n" number of templates available.Post that, our OSCAN OMR Software helps you to make changes in those templates, create your own branded, white labelled impressive templates and can scan any kind of OMR sheets.


There is always a fear of data loss or theft when scanning OMR sheets for result generation. With OSCAN OMR software, you don't have to worry! Our OMR reading software is designed with utmost security algorithms which not only ensures the security of the data but also promotes smooth merging of that information with results. Our OMR software ensures the confidentiality of the results generated on our platform and you can download the same in Excel format.


Many times, for the ease of the students or employees, you wish to create a type of OMR which can be filled using tick marks and crosses and not the traditional procedure of filling bubbles. OSCAN OMR Software is the first software with this technology. Our OMR sheet scanner has the capacity to evaluate sheets which have been answered using a tick mark or cross. This will not only ease the task of students or employees but also bring transparency in the scanning process for the educational institutions and corporate.


  • First company to develop OMR Software in India
  • Time and Cost Effective
  • Highly Accurate Results
  • Easy to Implement and Support
  • Crores of OMR Sheet Processed
  • Dual Accuracy Check
  • Only Software with Tick Mark Technology
  • Only Software to Integrate Pre and Post Exam


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