OSCAN OMR Software

OSCAN OMR Software World Class Technology

  • Automate your Exams & Result Processing effortlessly with our OMR Software. Experience OMR Sheet Scanning and instant Results generation.
  • Dongle Based, Life-Time, Unlimited Scanning, Image Capturing, Dual Accuracy Check, Tick Mark Technology etc.
  • Best OMR Software for NCC Exam, IIT, SSC, UPSC, NEET, JEE, CBSE Schools, Coaching Institutes, Universities, Colleges, etc

+3000 Clients

+25 Year


OSCAN OMR Software

World Class Technology

  • Automate your Exams & Result Processing.
  • OMR Sheet Scanning &
    Generate your Results.
  • With Question Paper
    Generator & Result

+25 Year

+3000 Clients

  • Best OMR Software for NCC Exam, IIT, SSC, UPSC, NEET, JEE, CBSE Schools, Coaching Institutes, Universities, Colleges, etc
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About us Crafting Excellence with the Best OMR Software Solutions

Introducing OSCAN OMR Software – your solution for seamless exam management. Whether you're new to OMR Software or an experienced user, OSCAN simplifies the process. It effortlessly scans and checks thousands of OMR Sheets in minutes, ensuring smooth exams. OSCAN is user-friendly, making it easy for everyone, regardless of tech expertise, and guarantees accurate results. Our goal is to empower educators and organisations with efficient assessment handling. Try OSCAN for hassle-free exam management.

OSCAN OMR Software - Your Top OMR Solution in India


OSCAN OMR Software, your ultimate OMR Solution, is designed for Universities, Institutions, Colleges, Schools, and coaching centers. With user-friendly OMR Sheets, it simplifies assessments. Combining speed and accuracy, OSCAN ensures seamless data capture, establishing itself as the Best OMR Software in India. Elevate your assessments effortlessly with OSCAN - the top choice for precision and efficiency in examination management.

Elevating the OMR Experience with Extra Features


Swift, Efficient, and Flexible OMR Sheet Processing with OSCAN OMR Software

Process 2000-4000 sheets per hour effortlessly with OSCAN OMR Software. Experience a fast, efficient, and flexible solution delivering swift and accurate results for educators and businesses


Lifetime Validity - No Renewal Hassles with OSCAN OMR Software

OSCAN OMR Software ensures lifetime validity, eliminating renewal costs and providing a cost-effective, long-term OMR solution.


Tailored unlimited OMR Templates with OSCAN OMR Software

Easily customize OMR templates to suit various assessment needs using the user-friendly interface of OSCAN OMR Software.


Multiple Answer Key Support

Accommodate diverse question formats with the flexibility to use multiple answer keys, catering to complex assessments.


Dongle-based Access For Easy Security

Using OSCAN OMR Software is made simpler with a dongle. Just plug it in, and you've got a secure and easy way to access all the features OSCAN offers. It's like having a key to unlock hassle-free OMR solutions!


Precision with 100% Accuracy from OSCAN OMR Software

OSCAN OMR Software guarantees 100% accuracy in scanning and printing, ensuring reliable and precise assessment results.

Uses of OMR Software

Competitive Examinations

Multigraphics Group offers user-friendly OMR Software for exams like JEE, NEET, CAT, NDA, SSC, GATE, and others. Ensure easy and efficient management of diverse competitive exams with our straightforward and reliable solution.

Recruitment Examinations

Multigraphics Group provides specialized OMR Software for SSC CGL, UPSC, RRB, NDA, and more. Streamline recruitment examination processes with our tailored solution for efficient and accurate result handling.

Statistical & Marketing Surveys

Multigraphics Group provides user-friendly OMR Software for Statistical & Marketing Surveys. Simplify data collection and analysis with our efficient and precise solution.

Government Recruitments

Multigraphics Group provides specialized OMR Software for NCC and other Government Recruitments like SSC CGL, UPSC Civil Services, RRB Exams, and more.

Regular Semester Exams

Multigraphics Group offers specialized OMR Software for Regular Semester Exams, providing a streamlined examination process.

Olympiad Examinations

Multigraphics Group provides OMR Software for Olympiad Examinations, facilitating seamless and accurate evaluation processes. Enhance the efficiency of grading and analysis, ensuring precise assessment in Olympiad assessments.

Entrance Examinations

Multigraphics Group offers OMR Software designed for Entrance Examinations, ensuring a streamlined evaluation process. Improve efficiency in grading and analysis, providing administrators and candidates.

Talent Search Examinations

Multigraphics Group offers OMR Software for Talent Search Examinations, streamlining assessment procedures. Enhance the grading and analysis process, providing a user-friendly solution for seamless talent search evaluations.

Advantages of OSCAN OMR-Software



Many Institutions and Businesses have set parameters with respect to their OMR sheets (Optical Marker Sheet). With Multigraphics Group, you can create your own customised OMR Sheets with "n" number of templates available.Post that, our OSCAN OMR Software helps you to make changes in those templates, create your own branded, white labelled impressive templates and can scan any kind of OMR sheets.


There is always a fear of data loss or theft when scanning OMR sheets for result generation. With OSCAN OMR software, you don't have to worry! Our OMR reading software is designed with utmost security algorithms which not only ensures the security of the data but also promotes smooth merging of that information with results. Our OMR software ensures the confidentiality of the results generated on our platform and you can download the same in Excel format.



Many times, for the ease of the students or employees, you wish to create a type of OMR which can be filled using tick marks and crosses and not the traditional procedure of filling bubbles. OSCAN OMR Software is the first software with this technology. Our OMR sheet scanner has the capacity to evaluate sheets which have been answered using a tick mark or cross. This will not only ease the task of students or employees but also bring transparency in the scanning process for the educational institutions and corporate.

Why Choose Multigraphics for OMR Software Solutions


Expert Support

Multigraphics provides expert support for seamless OMR Software and OMR Sheet Checker implementation.


Cost-effective Solution

Enjoy a budget-friendly OMR Software with no hidden costs.


Free Demo

Explore our software with a complimentary demo before making a commitment.



Multigraphics ensures transparency in all aspects of our OMR solutions.


Innovative Technology

Experience top technology and continuous innovation.

Ease Steps How It Works: Advance Oscan Omr Software Process


Generate OMR Template

Design tailored OMR sheets for your assessments using the advanced capabilities of OSCAN OMR Software.


Scan OMR Sheets

Effortlessly scan OMR sheets with any scanner unit, be it a flatbed, MFP, or ADF scanner. No need for complex and bulky scanning equipment.


Read OMR Sheets

OSCAN's advanced technology accurately interprets marked responses on the scanned OMR sheets.


Analyze Data

Generate various graphical reports and analyze student performance. OSCAN OMR Software streamlines everything from sheet creation to result generation.


Generate Results

With precision and efficiency, OSCAN swiftly generates comprehensive and accurate results for your assessments.


Discover partnerships with renowned educational institutions and institutes using Multigraphics Group's OMR Software. Our collaborations include prestigious universities such as JNU, SRM, YMCA, Amity University, and Uttranchal University, along with organizations like NCC, Indian Navy, and more. Elevate your assessment experiences with specialized OMR solutions tailored for NCC and Universities. Join the satisfied client network of Multigraphics Group.


OSCAN OMR Software has advanced features that make it stand out. It's designed to be user-friendly and efficient.
OSCAN simplifies exams, reduces errors, and provides easy-to-read reports. It's a useful tool for educational institutions.
Yes, the OSCAN OMR Sheet Checker Software can evaluate tests with multiple sets of answer keys.
Absolutely! OSCAN is made for both tech-savvy users and those who aren't familiar with complex technology.

OSCAN offers customer support for installation, troubleshooting, and any questions users may have.

Yes, OSCAN believes in clear pricing. It offers cost-effective plans without hidden charges.
Yes, OSCAN seamlessly connects with other tools, making it versatile and compatible.
OSCAN gives users 15 types of graphical reports, making it easy to understand and analyze data.
Yes, OSCAN OMR Software provides a free demo for users to explore its features and functionalities.
Absolutely! OSCAN can process both color and black & white sheets with equal accuracy.
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