Smart class is an advanced technology implementation for Schools, which provides tools and other contents for students' learning using latest media presentations. All-inclusive solutions for your classroom, entering into a next generation smart class to suit your student’s growing needs


There are many features of our Smart Class like: The first and most important feature is Digital Content. This helps you to get content digitally which is mapped with the syllabus of the schools. This helps to promote teaching at the digital platform. One of the features of the smart class is that it provides an Exposure of Performances to the parents, faculties and the management. This helps to improve transparency between the students and their guardians and this, in turn, helps them work on their weaknesses. The next feature refers to a Smart-Board which helps to make learning an enjoyable experience with the help of illustrations and other interactive features

Our smart class solution is considered to be a great product by clients as it can be Easily Implemented with simple training to its users. You can even design and create content with ease with the help of our Smart-Board Tools which helps to make the learning experience more interactive and understandable for the students. They can grasp the concepts faster than the traditional chalk & board method. Last but not the least, smart class promotes a Comprehensible Interaction between the teachers and the students which leads to greater class participation and interest generation from both sides


  • Live Doubt Sessions
  • Cost Effective Comparatively
  • Friendliest User Interface
  • Training and Support
  • Recorded Lectures


  • Asynchronous Communication Tool
  • Reliable and Efficient
  • Allows One to Many Interaction
  • Reduces Training and Maintenance Cost
  • Transforms Learning Approach